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Our Firm Jehovah Nissi hold its mean that “ The Lord! Our Banner!”

Actually we treat every work as our First Project, and we want to make as well as solve New Risks, by Innovative, Creative, Impressive manner in every work of us.

We habited to be not satisfied in the work done by us yesterday. But Want to make a better one today. Well we are not creating the roof & walls;We are creating habitable and meaningful space transformed by human aspirations, within to be lived in. We always habited to Design/Make a thing by considering its next larger content, Such a way, a chair in a Room, A Room in a House, A house in a Boundary, A boundary in an environment.

Our Design and Construction Teams motivated towards creation of New things, Such a way learning for new thoughts, not to work in conventional manner, Playing with new dimensions, Shapes. We are having profession as Our hobby and Passion.

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First we shall make a Site observation that should give 1. Measurements 2.Direction 3.Topography 4.Situation 5.Clients Brief Specification


By the requirement given by client, We prepare Scheme Floor plan; with Architectural, Interior, Landscape Responsibilities, And Considerations of Vasthu, Ventilation, Efficiency, Economy, Functionality and Budjet.


Your house design will stand out the crowd, since the plan is designed by Best Architects in Chennai. After the floor plan get finalized by client’s approval. By absorbing client’s reflections we’ll Deliver the Architectural Renderings, which shows How your Proposed House would be..


After Fixation of Design part, We’ll produce the Detailing part which having every Details, Measurements, Specifications, sections, working methods, materials about the building. It would be the Leader towards the Master Design Piece, accordingly in every stages /concreting of building


After the preparation of ; construction specifications, material schedule, making of Rate fixation by working drawings, Setting out the buiding in ground, We’ll start the work.


Chennai Office

Jehovah Nissi Archfirm
No: 31/11, Govindaraj Street,
West Tambaram, [ Near National Theatre],
Chennai - 600045
Tamilnadu, India.
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Phone : +91 444 2550042;
Mobile : +91 90037 77737

Tirunelveli Office

Jehovah Nissi Archfirm
166, Kulavanigarpuram,
Tirunelveli - 627005,
Tamilnadu, India.
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Phone : +91 462 257 99 77;
Mobile : +91 90037 77737

Tenkasi Office

Jehovah Nissi Archfirm
No 180, Ezhil Nagar,
Madurai Road, Tenkasi - 627 811,
Tamilnadu, India.
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Phone : +91 463 328 07 33;
Mobile : +91 90037 77737

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